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  5. Android hits back at iPhone 'openness' claims

Android hits back at iPhone 'openness' claims

Android hits back at iPhone 'openness' claims

Andy Rubin, Mobile Strategy Chief at Google, has delivered a sly riposte to Apple Chief Executive Office Steve Jobs’ claims that the Android operating system is less ‘open’ than its proprietors claim.

Speaking at Apple’s quarterly earnings call this week, Jobs said that “Google loves to characterize Android as open, and iOS and iPhone as closed”, but claimed that in fact the search giant is being “disingenuous” in this facet of its marketing and that it uses this line in PR blurb as a “smokescreen”.

In a pithy retort on Twitter, Rubin implied that it is actually Jobs who’s being disingenuous and responded by posting a set of Linux commands for copying Android, in a bid to illustrate just how free and easy Google is regarding third-party use of its OS.

The Tweet stated: “The definition of open: ‘mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make’.”

Google has yet to respond to further criticism of Android from Jobs at the Apple event. As well as playing semantics with the notion of openness, Jobs slammed the way that Google has allowed its platform to become “fragmented”, which he claims results in a less user-friendly smartphone experience for consumers.

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