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Dead Rising coming to iPhone this Christmas

Dead Rising coming to iPhone this Christmas

Capcom has announced that its critically acclaimed zombie-mashing sandbox is coming to an iPhone near you this Christmas.

Dead Rising for the iPhone is a follow-up to the first game originally released for the Xbox 360, and not the recently released sequel.

However, that’s all fine and dandy because the title is being developed from the ground up for the iPhone 4 and iPod touch (no iPhone 3G, unfortunately) with touch controls and a new story featuring Frank West, the protagonist from the first game.

The original Dead Rising is still considered one of the best zombie survival titles of this generation and iPhone owners will be able to experience the outbreak just in time for the holiday festivities.

To make in-game deaths less frustrating, Capcom has integrated a unique social networking feature that allows players to post a “rescue request” to their Facebook or Twitter feed, which will provide respondents with a password to respawn wounded characters without PP loss.

However, if no one responds to your request, your character will turn into a zombie NPC which your friends will be then able to hunt and kill in their own game, while you’ll respawn as normal.

It’s certainly an innovative blend of gameplay and social networking, one which we hope to see from more handheld games in the future.

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