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  5. iPhone Plane Finder app aids terrorists?

iPhone Plane Finder app aids terrorists?

iPhone Plane Finder app aids terrorists?

A new iPhone app that allows plane spotters to locate nearby aeroplanes has been deemed a serious security threat.

Plane Finder AR, which is on sale on iTunes for £1.79, is able to display planes flying in your vicinity, along with their altitude, speed, and even flight number and destination.

The Daily Mail has unsurprisingly branded the app as a tool for terrorists and called for a ban. Although, a spokesperson for the Department of Transport was less concerned when he told the Mail: “This application might be new but the ability to track aircraft isn’t.”

However, that did not sway Conservative MP Patrick Mercer, a former chairman of the Parliamentary Counter Terrorism sub-committee, who said: “Anything that makes it easier for our enemies to find targets is madness.

"The government must look at outlawing the marketing of such equipment.”

ADS-B, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, is the technology employed the Plane Finder app to display its data, which is available publicly and used regularly by aircraft enthusiasts with ADS-B receivers.

Lee Armstrong, a director at Pinkfoot, which developed the app, argued: “If someone really want to [shoot down a plane] they could buy their own ADS-B or radar.”

It would seem that if anything poses a security threat, it is the technology and not the app. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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