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  5. Meizu halts production of 'iPhone clone'

Meizu halts production of 'iPhone clone'

Meizu halts production of 'iPhone clone'

Chinese handset manufacturer Meizu has stopped manufacturing its iPhone-aping M8 smartphone, amid threats of legal action from Apple.

For the last month Apple and Meizu have been at loggerheads after the Cupertino giant raised concerns over how similar the M8 is to the iPhone 3G’s shell and user interface.

Now, following entreaties from the Chinese provincial intellectual property office and continued pressure from Apple, Meizu has confirmed it is to stop making the M8, according to Engadget.

Meizu Chief Executive Officer said: “Jack Wong [of] Apple requested that we cease manufacturing the M8 this month, we agreed but then [Apple] came back and asked for a sales ban instead.

“I can cope with a production freeze, but not with having our shops closed and thus not being able to use up our inventory. If Apple and the provincial IPO take another insatiable step, I can only go head to head against them.”

Meizu is currently gearing up for the launch of the M9, which runs Google’s operating system with a custom skin overlaid.

The imminent arrival of the handset is expected to rescue Meizu from going under, despite the substanital losses it would incur from withdrawing the M8.

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