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Ugly Meter app released on iPhone

Ugly Meter app released on iPhone

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is the fairest of all? We've all heard that line from Snow White, and while such a magic mirror has yet to be discovered, there is an iPhone app to tell you if you’re the ugliest in the land or not.

Developed by Dapper Gentlemen, the aptly named Ugly Meter app takes a photo of your face and processes it in real-time to give you the lowdown on the minger scale.

You start off by positioning your face in front of the camera with the assistance of hundreds of lines tracking and scanning your facial features in real-time.

It will then take a picture and analyse it using well-established ugly metrics to give you a final score. If you score ten, you probably have a face only your mother could love.

So if you think you or your friends need a reality check, download the Ugly Meter from the iTunes store for 59p and find out.

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