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Anti-iPhone for smartphone refuseniks

Anti-iPhone for smartphone refuseniks

A team of designers has come up with the antidote to cutting-edge, full-featured mobiles, in the shape of ‘John’s Phone’ that has one function – it makes and takes calls.

Created by ad agency John Doe, the handset features a numeric keypad only, meaning it can’t even be used for sending SMS messages. However, in the plus column, it does offer a whopping three weeks of battery life on a single charge and features some undeniably cute icons.

Perhaps the nicest touch, though, is that instead of an electronic address book with all your e-contacts and social networking chums synced, there’s a physical pen and paper pad attached to the back.

And in the spirit of keeping things simple, the manual that comes with it is a single page long – closer to a flyer/handbill than the weighty high-end handset tomes you’re expected to wade through that make War and Peace look like Janet and John.

Designer Diedriekje Bok said: “At a time when there is an abundance of choices and oppressive channels, we wanted to develop a simple gadget.

“It is also a useful phone while travelling, exercising or weekend sailing. You always reach for your close family and friends, so John's Phone is for when the rest of the world does not matter.”

Natch, we don’t expect the stripped down effort to match the likes of the iPhone in the sales stakes. But we are rather taken with its cutesy looks. And if you’re in the market for a second handset that'll still turn heads, you could do a lot worse.

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