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Evil Dead game coming to iPhone

Evil Dead game coming to iPhone

Sam Raimi’s horror cult classic Evil Dead is being rebooted in style as an all-new games franchise for the iPhone.

For those of you too young or mentally scarred to remember, Evil Dead is the first of a trilogy of movies released back in the 80s that involves a group of college having a lovely night out at an abandoned cabin in the woods.

The movie has been re-imagined in an adorable but equally creepy fashion, with cartoony characters that somewhat resemble the Wii avatars replacing their live action counterparts.

Unfortunately there is not much to go on when it comes to the actual gameplay, but we are assuming it will follow a path similar to other horror-survival titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

The story looks set to remain true to the source, as this uncanny remake of the original theatrical trailer shows.

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