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  5. iPhone 4 glass cracks: Apple blames cases

iPhone 4 glass cracks: Apple blames cases

iPhone 4 glass cracks: Apple blames cases

Apple has withdrawn slide-on iPhone 4 cases from sale in its retail outlets, on the grounds that these are apparently to blame for cracks appearing in the handset’s display.

According to a report from Cult Of Mac, Apple perceives that the problem, dubbed Glassgate, is being caused when dirt becomes trapped under the case and rubs directly against the glass.

To avert an antennagate-style PR disaster, the Cupertino-based tech giant has now pulled existing supplies of covers from all its outlets, apparently affecting “at least half a dozen case makers”.

An anonymous source with knowledge of developments said: “Glassgate is a real problem. Apple is not approving slide-on cases right now for its stores.”

“If they didn’t have a glass back they wouldn’t have a problem.”

The ban comes ahead of what promised to be a bumper seasonal sales period for case manufacturers, whose wares have previously been officially approved by Apple.

iFans are still waiting on a white edition of the handset to go on sale some five months after the phone was first launched. Delays are being blamed on everything from troubles finding the ‘right’ shade of white paint to problems with its onboard five megapixel camera.

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