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  5. iPhone 5 could remotely take control of your Mac

iPhone 5 could remotely take control of your Mac

iPhone 5 could remotely take control of your Mac

Fresh reports of the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone have suggested that it could be capable of wirelessly taking control of a Mac.

Rumours have been brewing for a while that the iPhone 5 would be shipping with a ‘near-field communication’ (NFC) chip that enables short-range wireless communication between devices.

Cult of Mac claims to have received a tip that the technology could be used to give iPhone users control of an NFC-compatible Mac, by booting the computer when the iPhone is in range, loading applications, settings and data and automatically returning it to its previous state.

According to the anonymous tipster, “the Mac authenticates with the iPhone, which contains a lot of the information the computer needs, such as bookmarks, passwords and other data”.

The source said: “The system would essentially turn any Apple computer into your own — like you’re actually working on your own computer. Same settings, look, bookmarks, preferences.

“It would all be invisible. Your iPhone would be all you needed to unlock your Mac.”

We can’t help but think of the great automatic, wireless syncing possibilities of this technology with iTunes. Just bringing your iPhone close enough to your Mac and having it take care of the rest would be a godsend in our eyes.

Of course, the real world applications of NFC are a little more ambitious, ranging from transforming the iPhone to an electronic wallet or security passkey, or replacing your Oyster card.

As the technology spreads to other consumer electronics, we can definitely expect to see this becoming an integral part of our daily lives.

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