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iPhone alarms go AWOL

iPhone alarms go AWOL

A software bug prevented iPhone alarms from going this morning, leaving Apple smarphone owners with some explaining to do when they showed up at work an hour late.

As any fule kno’, the clocks went back across the UK this weekend as the nation switched to Greenwich Mean Time. However, the iOS 4.1 glitch meant that the alarm resolutely stayed on British Summer Time. That meant that iPhone alarms went off an hour later than they should have done.

Apparently, the issue stems from problems with iPhones’ calendars and alarms that are set to go off the same time regularly.

Fixing it is simply a matter of heading to the ‘Time/Date’ and switching “Set Automatically” to off. You can then just get rid of the recurring alarms you’ve got set up and re-input them.

The bug first appeared in New Zealand last month, before affecting Aussies a week later. Quite what Apple has been doing in the meantime to fix it, frankly, is anyone's guess.

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