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iPhone iOS 4.2 delay: now due Nov 24th?

iPhone iOS 4.2 delay: now due Nov 24th?

iPhone owners will have to wait another ten days to get their hands on the latest system update for their handsets, it has been claimed.

The updated version of Apple’s smartphone, iPod and iPad software was initially expected to surface on November 8th. Then last week reports surfaced that it is being postponed until November 16th, after iPad owning testers reported Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

But now even that looks optimistic, in the light of a story in today’s Telegraph, which cites a “reliable source” who claims that we are now looking at a launch date of November 24th.

Apple, for its part, maintains that the upgrade will be pushed out on time and has yet to acknowledge suggestions that it is experiencing problems.

The supposed connectivity issues are a major stumbling block for the update, given that its key new additions both rely on it. The much-touted PrintCenter app offers remote printing for owners of the iPhone 4 and 3GS. And also due to land with iOS 4.2 is streaming of video, audio and photos from iPhones to other devices over wireless broadband connections.

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