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iPhone iOS 4.3 landing December?

iPhone iOS 4.3 landing December?

Apple is clearing the decks to push out another operating system update for iPhones and other iOS devices, rumours suggest.

According to MacStories, the Cupertino giant, known for only pushing out system upgrades on an annual basis, has pencilled in a date of December 13th for the update for the handsets, which received a boost to iOS 4.2 only yesterday.

Apparently, Apple’s new-found haste to get a system remix out stems from work it’s reportedly been undertaking in conjunction with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp on a news product for the iPad, which is due to be unveiled December 9th.

In order for the product to be viable, though, subscription billing via iTunes accounts is a pre-requisite. And in turn, of course, that’d require a revamp for iOS to be pushed out sharpish.

What’s less concrete so far is what else we can expect from iOS 4.3. Although we think it’s a given that those pesky WiFi Airplay issues will be fixed, at the very least.

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