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  5. Skyfire for iPhone launches in the UK with version 2.1

Skyfire for iPhone launches in the UK with version 2.1

Skyfire for iPhone launches in the UK with version 2.1

The hot-selling, Flash-playing, breakfast-making Skyfire browser for the iPhone has been updated and released for the first time on the UK App Store.

The popular cross-platform browser, most renowned for its ability to convert Flash videos to Apple-approved HTML5, is now available to UK customers for a modest price of £1.79. It has also been updated to version 2.1 to remedy a number of issues suffered initially after its stateside debut, which forced Skyfire to temporarily pull the browser from the App Store.

The update brings faster, smoother streaming of videos, Twitter Quickview, which allows you to quickly peek into your Twitter stream, plus a ‘new tab’ option for even better multi-browsing.

There’s also improved cookie support and overall performance improvements.

The Flash-capabilities of the browser means punters can now enjoy BBC iPlayer directly from the browser, along with BBC radio, which was previously not possible even with the official iPlayer app. However, users will have to sit through US ads during plays which we understand is because the Skyfire servers that convert Flash videos reside in the US and the Beeb monetises its shows outside our shores.

Still, it’s better than nothing and it doesn’t hurt to have an alternative to the stock Safari browser for those times you really need to look at Flash ads, or something a little more 'interesting'. Nudge nudge, wink, wink. Know what I mean?

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