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  5. Angry Birds Seasons hits iPhone & iPad

Angry Birds Seasons hits iPhone & iPad

Angry Birds Seasons hits iPhone & iPad

The iPad and iPhone editions of Angry Birds Seasons are available to download now, bringing a host of new levels for gamers to get their teeth into.

The Android version hit the App store early yesterday afternoon. And, in keeping with Rovio’s stated aim of synchronising its games and updates across all platforms, the version for Apple devices is identical.

That means that it brings with it 25 new levels, which are unlocked daily in the manner of an advent calendar, plus a wintry Christmas touches such as snug woolly hats for your porcine foes and blocks made of snow.

If you’ve already paid out for the Halloween edition that hit iPhones back in October, Seasons is completely free to download.

If you haven’t, you’re looking at an outlay of 59p. But for that you also get the 46 levels that Rovio added to celebrate the witching season.

Last month, it was revealed that Windows Phone 7 handset owners won’t be getting any sort of Angry Birds action on their mobiles until the New Year Rovio attributed the delay to the fact that it “takes a lot of work to do WP7”.

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