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  5. Apples tightens iPhone 4 screws to keep meddlers out

Apples tightens iPhone 4 screws to keep meddlers out

Apples tightens iPhone 4 screws to keep meddlers out

Apple is equipping the iPhone 4 with all-new tamper-proof screws in a bid to stop unauthorised fiddling with its innards.

The Cupertino giant’s protectionist attitude to its products has reached new heights, literally and figuratively, as it has been quietly replacing the Phillips head screws normally used on the handset, specifically those that had been serviced for repair, with rare, harder to remove ‘pentalobe’ screws.

As expected, the move hasn’t gone down too well with some iFans, but more so with iFixit, a firm that specialises in DIY style repairs of Apple products and makes its bread and butter from selling repair parts and tools, including the so-called ‘iPhone 4 Liberation Kit’.

iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens, said: "If you took your car in for service and they welded your hood shut, you wouldn't be very happy"

"Apple wants to be in the business of selling you the new battery."

Newer iPhone 4 units are already believed to be using pentalobular screws, so it’s not unsurprising and probably not as sinister as some would suggest that Apple is only interested in money. Of course they are interested in money, they are a business after all.

But opening up your iPhone, thus voiding your warranty isn’t exactly a very clever move either. If you bought an iPhone knowing full well you aren’t allowed to replace the battery yourself or go MacGyver on it, you can’t really complain.

Are you feeling screwed by the change? Let us know in the comments section below.

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