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  5. White iPhone 4 spotted on Orange and 3

White iPhone 4 spotted on Orange and 3

White iPhone 4 spotted on Orange and 3

It appears that the elusive white edition of Apple’s all-singing, all-prancing iPhone 4 will be landing soon in the UK, as product pages for the handset have been spotted on the websites of both Orange and 3.

Rumours of the imminent arrival of the white iPhone 4 have been doing the rounds lately, with leaked spyshots of Vodafone Germany’s and retailer Best Buy’s inventories both listing the handset. The latter even provided a late-Feb release date.

Now, we have a slightly more official confirmation, as the phone has popped on the 3 and Orange websites. Orange is offering the white iPhone 4 on various 18-month and 24-month contracts starting at £30.64, but you’re looking at an outlay of up to £319.99 for the phone.

3, meanwhile, is coupling the handset on a number of 24-month contracts starting at £30 with an upfront fee of £189, which can be subsidised completely depending on the model and contract you pick.

Unfortunately, both websites are currently showing the handset as out of stock so you can’t order it just yet. But at least we know it’s coming and that the wait won’t be much longer.

In fact, Apple is smart, it will kill two birds with one phone and release the white iPhone 4 straight after the dust has settled from next month’s Mobile World Congress, where all its rivals are due to unveil their next big iClones.

Are you excited for the white iPhone 4 or getting a bit annoyed of all the hype? We're here to listen.

Source: TiPB via Geeky Gadgets

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