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  5. White iPhone crops up in Vodafone inventory

White iPhone crops up in Vodafone inventory

White iPhone crops up in Vodafone inventory

The fabled white edition of the Apple iPhone has appeared in a Vodafone smartphone inventory, adding to speculation that the much-touted, little-seen handset will drop this quarter.

The white iPhone, which is rivalled only by the Sony PlayStation phone for its lengthy journey to market, was originally due to land way back in June 2010 when the iPhone 4 was launched.

However, since then it’s been hit by a series of delays, as Apple reportedly struggled with everything from the device’s backlight to light leakage through its translucent shell that impaired its camera capabilities.

More prosaically, rumours have also surfaced that the real reason for its no-show is that Cupertino and its manufacturing partners haven’t been able to get the right mixture of paint to coat the phone’s glass shell.

Still, a mere six months after its initial due date, it looks like the white iPhone might finally be ready for release, after a series of images were unearthed by Engadget showing 16GB and 32GB editions of the phone in Vodafone Germany’s inventory system.

So when exactly can we expect it? That’s still not certain. But if the source of the snaps is to be believed it’s coming “soon”, which we’re taking as a sign that it will arrive before Apple refreshes its all-singing, all-dancing handset in June.

Via: Engadget

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