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  5. iPhone 5 NFC to be more ‘unique’ than competitors’

iPhone 5 NFC to be more ‘unique’ than competitors’

iPhone 5 NFC to be more ‘unique’ than competitors’

Apple may not be the first phone maker to get on board with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, but as per tradition, it looks intent on doing it differently to everyone else with the launch of its fifth-generation iPhone.

Although Apple hasn’t officially confirmed anything, a cocktail of rumours, leaks and a recent report by analyst Brian White at Ticonderoga Securities suggests that Cupertino is set to go step beyond its rivals in how it’s implementing NFC in the next iPhone.

According to White, Apple will add "a twist [to the iPhone 5’s NFC] that will make it unique versus his peers." Unfortunately he hasn’t given specifics as to what sort of twist it will be but knowing Apple, it will probably be something worth the wait.

NFC has been the talk of the tech town lately with Google the first to release a handset, the Nexus S, with a built-in NFC chip. Samsung, BlackBerry and other major device makers have also confirmed they will be joining the NFC party this year.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, NFC is a type of short-range high-frequency technology that allows smartphone users to make contactless payments in much the same way as an Oyster Card. The tech is expected to massively take off during the London Olympics when millions of tourists will descend upon the capital armed with an arsenal of NFC-ready handsets.

Source: Apple Insider

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