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Top 10 iPhone 5 rumours

Top 10 iPhone 5 rumours

The iPhone 5 is coming. Well, not just yet, but that’s not stopped the world’s Apple gossip hounds seizing on the smallest slivers of info about Cupertino’s next-gen blower. So what’s what when it comes to the iPhone 5? Here’s our Top 10 rumours about the forthcoming Android rival.

1 It’s coming in June

Steve Jobs

With Apple’s annual WWDC event apparently pegged for the second week of June, it seems a safe bet that we’ll see the iPhone 5 then. After all, that’s the same event where the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 were unveiled.

2 Or it’s been delayed

A recent analyst's report claimed that the iPhone 5 has been delayed until September, with touchscreen and parts orders not yet received by Far East manufacturers. Such chatter has spread like wildfire, but insiders have denied that the phone has hit the skids.

3 White model primed

White iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 still isn’t available, despite Apple itself saying it would be up for grabs in August 2010 and rumours of a February 2011 release gaining credence. A new rumour emerging from Taiwan suggests parts makers have already moved on, with a white iPhone 5 now superseding the old-school white iPhone 4.

4 4-inch screen

iphone 5 bezel

The iPhone’s touchscreen, at 3.5-inches, doesn’t quite match up to some of the more capacious Android efforts out there. Apple is said to be looking to pump the screen up to 4-inches, while keeping the body a similar size, meaning a proper edge-to-edge panel could be on the cards.

5 NFC included

iPhone NFC

This is pretty much a shoo-in. Chatter about the remote payment tech being included in the next iPhone has been rife for months and ties nicely into other rumours about tagging locations using an updated MobileMe. And with the best new Android phones including NFC, Apple won’t want to be seen holding back.

6 Faster processor

The iPhone 5 is expected to come with a faster, A5 processor. There will be dual-core tech, which means it will work at lightning speed, while giving Apple the chance to sound off about its mobile being every bit as snappy as its Android competitors.

7 Upgraded MobileMe inside


MobileMe, rightly derided for being buggy and expensive, is expected to get a major overhaul to tie in with the iPhone 5’s launch. The aforementioned location-based function will let you tell pals about places you’ve been, while a personalised website will stream video from your phone, as well as automatically receive details on what you’re listening to on the iPod app.

8 Face recognition

Apple bought facial recognition software firm Polar Rose for $29 million last September. It’s believed its tech, which previously plugged into Facebook and Flickr and automatically recognised faces, will show up on the iPhone 5, allowing for easier image sharing.

9 There’s a mini model too

iPhone 5 placeholder

The iPhone Mini has reared its head once more in recent weeks. Word is that this model will go up against the sleek and slinky HP Veer, although some Apple insiders have intimated it won’t be smaller, but simply cut back on top-end specs.

10 US models will rock 4G

4G is all the rage right now across the pond. So a LTE or 4G model of the iPhone 5 is very likely to appear alongside the standard 3G version. This would again help Apple in its battle to keep up with Android.

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