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  5. Amazon Appstore may be coming to iPhone and BlackBerry

Amazon Appstore may be coming to iPhone and BlackBerry

Amazon Appstore may be coming to iPhone and BlackBerry

Amazon has only just unveiled its plans to launch the cunningly titled ‘Appstore’ applications download store for Android, but is already looking at avenues to bring it to other mobile platforms.

In a Q&A with, Auron Rubenson, project leader of Amazon Appstore, revealed: “Our goal is to provide a vast selection to customers from multiple operating systems.

“Although the store will feature Android apps at launch, we will evaluate opportunities to expand our selection on an ongoing basis.”

While Rubenson doesn’t specifically name which of these other operating systems are being looked into, we can reasonably assume that iOS, BlackBerry OS and possibly even the HP webOS will be high up on Amazon’s wishlist.

That said, Apple being Apple is likely to refuse to allow any third party to take a cut of its app revenues. Right now, the Cupertino-based smartphone maker takes a whopping 30 per cent cut of each app purchased and has recently introduced a subscription policy to skim revenue from apps that generate income through in-app subscription services and other purchase options.

That naturally hasn’t gone down too well with developers. So, if Amazon can find a way to offer iOS apps for a smaller fee without incurring Apple’s wrath, there might even be an exodus of developers who will want to publish their apps exclusively through the Appstore.

Amazon recently confirmed that it will also be reviewing applications itself to ensure compatibility. The Android Appstore will be launching first stateside on devices running Android 1.6 (Donut) or higher and in the UK at a later date.


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