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  5. Apple pulls “GayCure” iPhone app

Apple pulls “GayCure” iPhone app

Apple pulls “GayCure” iPhone app

Apple has withdrawn the controversial Exodus app from its download market, amid a welter of protest that it’s offensive to homosexuals.

The application is the work of a US religious group Exodus International, which has dubbed homosexuality “one of the many conditions that best fallen humanity”. Exodus also promotes ‘cures’ for gay people to enable them to achieve “sexual holiness”.

Since landing in the App Store a petition attracted 150,000 signatures demanding Exodus is withdrawn. Apple, which is no stranger to controversy when it comes approving apps, has also come in for criticism for giving the app a 4+ rating – which effectively means it has deemed to be free of “objectionable material”.

Today, it seems Cupertino has finally heeded the media storm, after it emerged that Exodus has now been removed from the store. However, an explanation for why it was ever on sale in the first place – or indeed any sort of official comment - has not been forthcoming.

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