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  5. Final Fantasy III remake arrives on iPhone

Final Fantasy III remake arrives on iPhone

Final Fantasy III remake arrives on iPhone

The third instalment of the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy franchise has landed on the iPhone, bringing yet more random battles and epic quests on the go.

Not to be mistaken for the Nintendo DS remake, the iPhone release is a re-remake of the 1990 original with new and improved 3D graphics and exclusive story sequences for iFans to enjoy and lord over everyone else.

Square Enix has also retooled the controls, which now react much quicker – a real lifesaver if you’re in the heat of battle – and has added faster browsing of the bestiary and other game records. The Job Mastery Cards have been given a fresh lick of paint too, and for iPhone 4 users, retina display is supported.

For those who’ve never played the original, the story in FF III revolves around a group of orphaned youths, who have been granted special powers by a crystal of light with which they must battle the impending ‘darkness’.

There's no multiplayer, alas, or Game Center support of any sort. But who needs ‘em when you’re slaying beasts and saving the world from certain doom?

Final Fantasy III available to purchase right now on the App Store for £9.49, or $15.99 if you live across the pond

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