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  5. iPhone alarm fails to go off… again

iPhone alarm fails to go off… again

iPhone alarm fails to go off… again

It would appear that there’s no foreseeable end to the Apple’s Alarmgate saga, as the iPhone’s alarm failed yet again to go off on time causing chaos for Brits starting their Monday shifts.

The malfunction occurred after the IPhone’s built-in alarm failed to adjust to the UK’s switch to British Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time) on Sunday 28th, causing slumbering Brits to wake up an hour late. Or bizarrely, an hour early, and in some unfortunate cases, the alarm did not go off at all.

Early reports suggest that the glitch is similar to the one originally suffered by iFans stateside back in November last year, when our US cousins reverted back to standard time. As the latest breakdown would suggest, has still not been mended despite assurances from Cupertino months ago that a fix is on its way.

News of the failure spread fast as users took to blogs and social networks such as Twitter to vent their anger. One sarky punter tweeted: "Thanks iPhone. I didn't really want that alarm to go off anyway."

Another said: "iPhone alarm failed twice. 1) went off at 5.45 instead of 6.45. 2) Didn't go off at all when I reset it. Time to update software."

The problem seems to primarily affect alarms created from the calendar application. It would be highly advisable that you use a more reliable alternative to wake you from your hibernation until a patch is released to correct it once and for all.

Have you been affected by the alarm bug? Let us know in the comments section below.



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