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iPhone & iPad iOS 4.3 update drops

iPhone & iPad iOS 4.3 update drops

Apple has updated the iOS operating system for iDevices, bringing some smart new features to the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The update to iOS 4.3, which arrives two days earlier than had been anticipated, adds tethering to the iPhone 4’s feature set for the first time. This function - a feature of Android smarties since Froyo, AKA Android 2.2, hit last year - allows fourth-gen iPhone owners to use their phone as a de facto mobile broadband hotspot, meaning that the handset’s 3G internet connection can be shared with up to five other web-enabled devices.

Apple iPhone 4 alternate

The revamped platform also enables much faster browsing across all iKit, thanks to a change to the Apple Nitro engine that means it handles JavaScript better. Airplay has been enhanced, too, with the result that you can now display videos and play sideshows from the Photos app on an Apple TV.

Elsewhere, Apple has added the option to play, music, movies and TV shows from a shared iTunes library on a Mac or PC and the ability to view 720p HD vids on an HDMI display when you grab the Apple Digital AV Adapter add-on.

The all-new OS lands ahead of the official release of the iPad 2 in the US, with fanboys presumably already forming orderly lines at Apple outposts all over the Union.

UK buyers will be able to get their hands on the second-gen Apple tablet from March 25th. Currently, the sole domestic carriers to confirm they’ll be offering monthly contract deals are T-Mobile and Orange.

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