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  5. iPhone NFC rumours gather pace (again)

iPhone NFC rumours gather pace (again)

iPhone NFC rumours gather pace (again)

Contactless payments via iPhones could be a feature of future Apple smartphones, sources have indicated, but may not feature in the soon to land fifth-gen iPhone.

Rumours that Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows smartphones to double as de facto e-wallets, is coming to iPhones have been abroad since the start of the year.

However, reports have been split as to whether it will be on board the next-gen iPhone, amid suggestions that Apple planned to hold off on adopting NFC until the tech became more standardised.

iPhone 5 placeholder

Today, the likelihood of iPhone 5 packing the feature looks even more remote, after two people with inside knowledge told the New York Times that although a Qualcomm NFC chip will be on board future devices, it won’t necessarily feature on the next iteration.

The NYT’s other source disclosed that when NFC does arrive Apple will put the user at its core syncing the phone’s credit card information with the info currently used for iTunes.

Holding back on NFC, which is front and centre on new phones running Android 2.3, would tally with Apple’s policy of not diving in with vogueish tech but instead coming to the party later with something more user friendly.


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