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  5. Vimeo app lands on iPhone with editing

Vimeo app lands on iPhone with editing

Vimeo app lands on iPhone with editing

Popular video sharing website Vimeo has launched an official app for the iPhone.

The application, which is free to download, enables users to log-in using their Vimeo accounts, upload videos, edit them, and of course, watch them in both regular and HD resolutions.

iFans have been able to watch Vimeo videos for some time now directly through the Safari browser, thanks to the site’s decision to encode them in the iPhone-friendly H.264 format. However, the app makes the experience infinitely smoother, especially for frequent viewers, and adds a gamut of advanced features including video editing.

You can combine multiple videos, trim them, add transition effects, titles and audio to jazz up your otherwise drab amateur clips into something more professional- looking. As Vimeo only allows users to upload videos they themselves have created, pornography excluded, the editing features should encourage folk to get creative with their filmmaking skills. Once uploaded, users can then share their creations with the world via Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Tumblr.

There are also other useful features such as your Vimeo inbox, daily stats, plus the ability to comment on videos and access videos you’ve ‘liked’. And last but not least, you can browse videos directly from a range of categories such as Staff Picks, HD Videos, Everything Animated, Documentary Film and so on.

Vimeo for iPhone is available to download right now from the App Store.

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