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  5. HMV launches iPhone, Android app to check game trade-in value

HMV launches iPhone, Android app to check game trade-in value

HMV launches iPhone, Android app to check game trade-in value

High street entertainment retail chain HMV has released an official iPhone and Android app, Re/Play, enabling customers to instantly check the trade-in value of video game titles they no longer wish to hold on to.

Users can manually search for a title for different platforms or simply scan its barcode using the phone’s camera and the app will locate it automatically. Re/Play also displays a map of nearby HMV stores, where games may be exchanged for cold hard cash, traded against another transaction or simply loaded up as credit onto a gift card to spend at a later date.

The app was created in collaboration between HMV’s e-commerce division and mobile banking specialists, MoBank

Sarah Hughes, head of e-commerce at HMV, said: "The relationship with our m-commerce partner Mobank has been a highly collaborative and supportive one, and their expertise and customer insights in this field are proving invaluable."

David Rubin, MoBank’s Head of mobile commerce added: "It's been great working with HMV as they really see the value that mobile can bring to a retailer's customer offering.

“With this suite of apps, they are allowing customers to perform useful tasks and interact with HMV in a meaningful way. The data we are seeing from the apps is very encouraging and shows that beyond the app hype, there is a very real customer appetite for mobile apps from high street brands."

Being able to check the trade-in values of used games without leaving the house with a bag full of them is certainly an app-etising proposition for gamers, particularly those who are not the most outgoing.

Re/Play is available to download right now for free from the App Store and Android Market.



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