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  5. Scream 4 game stabs its way into iPhone

Scream 4 game stabs its way into iPhone

Scream 4 game stabs its way into iPhone

Horror fans can rejoice! To celebrate the reboot of the Scream slasher trilogy, The Weinstein Company will be releasing an official iPhone game next allowing fans to get stabby on their smartie.

Instead of assuming the role of the hero like in most movie tie-ins, players fill the shoes of the legendary Ghostface, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all the characters in the game without being caught by the cops.

Despatching your prey is simply a matter of staying hidden until the right moment, then either swiping or tapping on your target, which will cause Ghostface to run up to them. As soon as you’re in stabbing range, a knife will appear on the screen, which you have to drag to the indicated direction and watch as our cloaked antagonist lances away until the deed is done.

Alas, that’s about the only kind of killing you can do. There’s no crushing of victims under a garage door or throwing them off a veranda. Still, what’s there will please any stab-happy fan of the franchise. And to make it worth the trouble, players will gain bonus points for killing the jock and cheerleader one after another like it’s meant to be done.

Scream 4 will hit the App Store next week. No price has been announced yet, but with any luck it won’t cost more than the now-standard 59p.



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