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White iPhone 4 dated for April 26th

White iPhone 4 dated for April 26th

The white iPhone 4 will finally make its debut on store shelves in eight days time, reports suggest.

Originally scheduled to land way back in June last year, the colour variant of Apple’s fourth-gen smartie has been hit by a series of delays widely attributed to production problems.

However, last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had officially disclosed that the phone will arrive this spring, ending months of waiting for Cupertino fanboys.

White iPhone 4 large

Now, it seems it could be here as early as next week. According to Italian fansite iPhoneItalia, at least, which claims that it’ll be available to buy on Tuesday April 26th.

What’s yet to be determined is whether anyone is still waiting on the white take on the iPhone 4. With the iPhone 5 almost certainly due in June, we anticipate most would-be buyers will now opt for the newer handset instead.

Apple has never officially commented on the cause of the delays. However, Apple co-founder and all-round loose cannon tacitly confirmed they’re down to light leakage that impaired the phone’s credentials as a snapper, as well as problems finding the ‘right’ shade of white paint.

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