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White iPhone 4 due soon, Apple confirms

White iPhone 4 due soon, Apple confirms

The forever-delayed white iPhone 4 will finally drop this spring, Apple has apparently confirmed, ending its epic journey to market.

According to US business daily the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Cupertino officially disclosed the imminent release date of the fabled handset yesterday.

However, somewhat oddly, there’s no official statement cited in the report. Nor is there even a direct informal quote or any clear indication of the provenance of the story.

iphone 4 white

A curious situation all-round, no? Still, for what’s it’s worth, the WSJ assertively states: “Customers who have waited nearly 10 months for the white version of the iPhone 4 won't have to wait much longer.

"Apple said Thursday the white iPhone was would be released in the spring, reiterating a projection the company made in October."

The white iPhone 4 was originally expected to land alongside the common-or-garden black version of Apple’s fourth-gen smartphone back in June 2010.

Delays for the launch have been attributed to persistent production problems, apparently chiefly relating to light leakage through the phone’s shell that seriously damaged its credentials as a camera phone. It was also claimed that Apple was having trouble finding the ‘right’ shade of white paint – something we can well believe given the boy Ive’s legendary persickety attention to detail.


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