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White iPhone 4 landing in 'next few weeks'

White iPhone 4 landing in 'next few weeks'

The white edition of the iPhone 4 could finally be ready to hit shelves, reports suggest, the best part of a year after it was first due.

The long-awaited white take on Apple’s fourth-gen handset has been repeatedly delayed, amid a raft of manufacturing problems. It’s now ten months late coming to market.

Factors deemed to have caused the delay include issues finding ‘right’ shade of white paint, as well as light leakage that seriously impaired the iPhone 4’s credentials as a snapper.

iphone 4 white

However, it now looks like the wait is almost at an end - in the US, anyway. According to insiders cited by US business bods Bloomberg, the white iPhone 4 is dropping on US networks Verizon and AT&T at the end of the month.

The sources also added weight to rumours that they’ll be no refresh of the iPhone this June and that Apple will wait until September to drop the next edition of the smartphone.

It’s believed that whenever the iPhone 5 does appear, it’ll be available in silver and white from launch. In the light of the white iPhone 4 delay debacle, however, we’d advise that you don’t hold your breath…



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