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White iPhone 4 scrapped for good?

White iPhone 4 scrapped for good?

Apple could finally have given up on the forever-delayed white edition of the iPhone 4, reports suggest, after the handset was reportedly removed from the company’s retail site.

According to the Macolytes over at 9to5Mac, last night the Cupertino based tech giant took down the US Apple Store to update it. Once the site was back up, there was one notable change. The white iPhone 4 had been yanked from Apple’s retail database.

The move has sparked speculation that Apple has given up on surmounting production problems with the white version of its current gen smartphone and has scrapped it altogether, some nine months after it was first scheduled to show.

Issues said to have prompted the perennial delays are problems finding the ‘right’ shade of white paint as well as light leakage through the casing that seriously harmed the iPhone 4’s credentials as a camera phone.

While it’s possible that the removal of the phone from the site could merely signal yet another delay, we rather suspect not. For us at least, it looks like Apple has done the decent thing and pulled the plug on it once and for all.

Although that’s something of an embarrassment for the company that prides itself on its design nous, it’s not nearly as shaming as bringing a fundamentally flawed phone to market. After the antennagate issues that hit the black iPhone 4, that’s the kind of PR Apple really could do without…



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