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  5. Amazon Cloud Player now works with iPhone

Amazon Cloud Player now works with iPhone

Amazon Cloud Player now works with iPhone

iFans can now take advantage of Amazon’s Cloud Drive for wirelessly streaming music anywhere on the go, thanks to an updated version of the Cloud Player web app.

Cloud Drive, in case you were unaware, is a newly launched cloud (online, in layman’s terms) storage service similar to Dropbox that allows users to easily upload and access their files from multiple devices. Cloud Player is an extension to that functionality that enables the streaming of music on the go, creating whole new possibilities for cross-platform portability of large collection of music users already own.

Until now, the feature was only accessible to Android via a dedicated, free-to-download app, much to the disappointment of iPhone owners who continue to be restricted to Apple’s iTunes ecosystem. But Amazon has wasted no time to take advantage of Cupertino's lack of initiative by giving iPhone owners the ability to access music via the Cloud Player web-based application. Users can access their songs, which uses the Quicktime player for playback. It may not be an elegant solution but is at least something until Amazon inevitably releases an official app.

Better yet, multitasking is also supported, which means users can continue browsing other sites or open apps that do not conflict with the Quicktime player’s operation.

Amazon is offering users 5GB of storage for free, which can be upgraded to 20GB with the purchase of an MP3 album from the Amazon music store.

Alas, the service is currently only available to stateside so there’s no point trying if you’re on the east side of the pond. With any luck Amazon will expand once it’s done dipping its toes in America.



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