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  5. iPhone 3GS not invited to iOS5 party?

iPhone 3GS not invited to iOS5 party?

 iPhone 3GS not invited to iOS5 party?

The soon-to-land updated version 5 of Apple’s iOS operating system will not be compatible with the iPhone 3GS, an influential blogger has claimed.

Expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 5, iOS 5 is likely to be a major update that brings a host of new features to Apple smartphones.

However, according to a Tweet from tech insider Eldar Murtazin of Russian site Mobile-Review, the new iteration will only be compatible with the iPhone 4 and the forthcoming edition of Apple’s handset.

Apparently, this is because the 3GS, despite being but two years old, simply doesn’t have the processing grunt to cope with the graphics-heavy functions that iOS 5 is purported to boast.

An A4 processor, which is present and correct in the iPhone 4, is reportedly the minimum requirement to run the landmark fifth major update for Apple handsets.

Murtazin tweeted: "Just one comment. Apple iPhone 3GS won’t be upgradable to iOS 5.x. iPhone 4 will."

Credence is added to his claim by the fact that Apple was forced to omit some key features of iOS 4 for iPhone 3G users, after struggling to get that version of the platform to play nice on older hardware. This time around, it seems it's just not even going to bother to try to update a two-year-old phone.



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