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  5. iPhone USB stick accessory catches out love rats

iPhone USB stick accessory catches out love rats

iPhone USB stick accessory catches out love rats

Partners who suspect their other halves are being unfaithful can gather evidence of their cheatin’ hearts from their iPhone with the release of a sneaky new gadget.

The iRecovery Stick from Paraben looks just like any other dongle or USB stick. But it’s anything but, thanks to its ability to recover gen wiped from an iPhone.

In order to do so, users simply need to have it plugged in while their beau/belle is syncing their iPhone with their PC, which allows it grab to deleted text messages, mails and even map locations.

Ray Couch, spokesman for manufacturer Paraben, told the Daily Mail: "This gadget is good for everyone from suspicious wives and husbands to girlfriends and boyfriends. It's also aimed at the employer who suspects foul play from a member of staff and even the police."

He added: "We've had a lot of interest from the American police, in particular.

“Now they can find out what their suspects have been deleting without having to call in a specialist team.”

At £199, the iRecovery Stick isn’t cheap. But then it’s also significantly much less costly than those private detective services that shadow your cheating spouse’s movements. And it’ll reportedly run on future iterations of the iPhone too, in case you plan on dating more good-for-nothing love rats in years to come.


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