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  5. Vodafone to allow tethering in data bundles

Vodafone to allow tethering in data bundles

Vodafone to allow tethering in data bundles

Vodafone has announced that its customers will soon be able to use tethering as part of their data bundles.

The network revealed on its official forum this morning that it will soon be making changes to its price plans that would allow current and new customers to take advantage of their mobile data for use by other internet-enabled devices, ending a long and frustrating wait for users to benefit from something they already pay for.

Voda said: “We'll be shortly introducing new price plans that will enable both new and existing customers to utilise tethering features as part of their data bundle on all devices which support the capability.

“While we can't give you the details of pricing and availability at the moment, the changes will make it easier for customers to manage their overall data use and expenditure.

Those hoping for an unrestricted service, however, will be disappointed as it seems tethering will be enabled in three tiers of usage:

“The new price plans will accommodate occasional, light and heavier data users and more information will be made available in due course.”

It’s a welcome move by the Big V. The only thing that concerns us is how much data will actually be allocated under the revised plans and what sort of increase in pricing we might see. In any case, stay tuned for more details very soon.



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