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Android, Windows Phone 7 to leapfrog iPhone in 2015

Android, Windows Phone 7 to leapfrog iPhone in 2015

Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating systems will both overtake Apple’s iOS in global market share in 2015, claim analysts.

Market research firm IDC has forecast that not only will Android continue its tremendous growth to grab an estimated 44 per cent of the market midway through the decade. Windows Phone 7 will also sneak through and capture a fifth of the market, leaving Apple trailing in third place at 16.9 per cent.

According to IDC, Window’s Phone 7’s surprising rise through the ranks will be largely due to Nokia, which joined hands with Microsoft in a groundbreaking partnership earlier this year. The deal will see the reborn OS benefit from a compound annual growth rate of 82.3 per cent, compared to just 17.9 per cent for the iPhone and 23.7 per-cent for Android.

"Windows Phone 7 will benefit from Nokia's support, scope, and breadth within markets where Nokia has historically had a strong presence," the report said.

Windows Phone 7 currently enjoys a 3.8 per cent stake in the market, having entered the race in October last year. Android, meanwhile, is at a commanding 38.9 per cent with Apple is making do at 18.2 per cent.

IDC predicts that annual smartphone shipments for all platforms will more than triple from 305 million in 2010 to 982 million in 2015, seemingly justifying Nokia’s decision to snub Google in favour of Microsoft.

Smarter consumers

Analysts believe that the driving force behind this phenomenal growth is attributable to consumers becoming progressively more aware of the advantages of the range of operating systems available to them.

"End-users are becoming more sophisticated about what kinds of experiences are offered by the different operating systems”, Ramon Llamas, senior research analyst with IDC's Mobile Phone Technology and Trends unit.

“Taking this as their cue, operating system developers will strive for more intuitive and seamless experiences, but will also look to differentiate themselves along key features and characteristics."


Source: IDC via The Times of India

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