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  5. HP working on Apple iCloud rival, NFC-enabled phones incoming

HP working on Apple iCloud rival, NFC-enabled phones incoming

HP working on Apple iCloud rival, NFC-enabled phones incoming

HP, the ‘world’s largest technology company’, may be planning to launch a cloud streaming and storage service of its own to rival Apple’s recently announced iCloud, claims Billboard.

The chart specialists have reportedly been informed of ongoing discussions between the computer giant and several major music labels on the matter of offering users the ability to synchronise, store and stream their music libraries over the web across multiple devices.

According to Billboard, a marketing presentation by HP revealed its plans to launch a TV and movie download service similar to iTunes, as well as a service to stream music users don’t already own - much like Spotify.

More interestingly, HP is also working on a solution to enable users to take their entire music catalogue wherever they go using cloud technology.

News of the developments comes hot on the heels of Google and Apple announcing their own take on cloud-enabled services, an area HP is already heavily involved in at an enterprise level.

However, bringing it to the masses is where the competition is really set to take off. And HP doesn't intend to get left behind, if Billboard’s report is anything to go by.

Hopping onboard the NFC train

Meanwhile, BusinessWeek is claiming that HP is also developing new smartphones and tablets that take advantage of Near-field Communications technology, or NFC, as it’s more commonly known.

According to the Bloomberg outlet, at least two people familiar with the matter have said that NFC-enabled devices onboard are already in the pipeline.

With several major players in the industry, including Google, Samsung and BlackBerry already onboard with the adoption of NFC as a standard, as well as Apple potentially thinking of introducing it in its next iPhone, it would appear that HP has no choice but to follow suit.

The company has previously announced ‘Touch-to-Share’, a new feature of the webOS operating system that will allow upcoming webOS powered devices, such as the TouchPad tablet landing next month, to share information between each other with a single contact. However, NFC offers much, much more than that.

One of its key USP’s is the prospect of making contactless payments for low-key items such as tickets, a la Oyster, or read any information from nearby objects, such as books, CDs and whathaveyou.

Many industry watchers believe that the Olympics Games is where tech will gain mainstream traction when millions of tourists will visit the capital to experience the historic occasion.


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