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  5. iPhone 5 to rock high quality YouTube playback?

iPhone 5 to rock high quality YouTube playback?

iPhone 5 to rock high quality YouTube playback?

The new version of Apple’s iPhone operating system will bring unfettered access to high quality YouTube streaming to the platform over 3G, it has been discovered.

Unveiled earlier this month at the WWDC, iOS 5’s key, officially confirmed features for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 take in an all-new notification centre that takes its cues from Android, Apple’s iCloud music streaming and storage service and deeper Twitter integration.

However, from the moment the OS was seeded to devs, hackers have been poring through its byways in search of extra, as-yet-unannounced features – the most notable of which so far has been the discovery that video calls via FaceTime will be supported over 3G.

ios 5 playback

Today, the digging has yielded more fruit for @SonnyDickson and @Chronic who’ve discovered that iOS 5 also dramatically improves iPhones’ media credentials with support for better quality YouTube playback over 3G connections via the video sharing site’s official app.

Currently, iDevice owners who want to watch high grade footage are for the most part forced to use Wi-Fi connections, with videos streamed over 3G using the YouTube restricted to lower quality clips.

It’s not yet clear whether either feature will be available to common or garden users when iOS 5 drops in the autumn. And it's even less clear whether they'll be coming to the ageing iPhone 3G S, which is expected to support only select functions that the OS bump brings. But rest assured, we'll make sure you’ll know as soon as we do.



Sonny Dickson

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