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  5. iPhone 5 jailbreak may block pirated apps

iPhone 5 jailbreak may block pirated apps

iPhone 5 jailbreak may block pirated apps

Jailbreakers and Apple have never seen eye to eye. But that may soon change, as a leading jailbreak developer speaks out on the possibility of blocking apps that enable piracy.

iPhone hacker Stefen Esser – better known as iOn1C – said that he is pondering the notion of creating a iOS 5 jailbreak that would block apps such as Installous, a hugely popular tool that allows users to install just about any app and is a go-to destination for pirates.

Posting on Twitter, Esser, said: "Hmmm @milicigoran had a very good idea. Future jailbreaks should block Installous from working.

"The idea to create a jailbreak that blocks pirated apps is going ping pong in my head. Might be a good motivator to do the iOS 5.0 untether."

Although Esser later denied that he’s working on such a jailbreak, or any jailbreak for that matter, his comments have sparked an angry reaction from many followers, but mainly the team behind Installous: Hackulous.

Speaking to TorrentFreak, Dissindent, an admin at Hackulous, said: “The entire premise behind jailbreaking is that you’re able to do whatever you want with your device. It’s your device, you own it and you should be able to manipulate the software in any way that you like.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean everything you do with it is legal, but that the manufacturer of the software and the hardware has no place in telling you how you use the device.”


He went onto compare the idea of putting a block on apps such as Installous to the use of DRM by major corporations.

"If a jailbreak author decides to add DRM to it, they are being extremely hypocritical," he added.

It is improbable we’ll see a piracy-proof jailbreak anytime soon, and even if we do, it’s likely to be replaced by an alternative from someone else that disagrees with putting restriction on other apps.

However, the possibility of coming to a compromise may go a long way to make Apple ease up iPhone hackers, even though jailbreaking itself is now legal after a landmark ruling from the U.S. Copyright Office last year.



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