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  5. iPhone 5 phishing attack spotted ahead of WWDC

iPhone 5 phishing attack spotted ahead of WWDC

iPhone 5 phishing attack  spotted ahead of WWDC

Apple may or may not announce the much-awaited iPhone 5 at the WWDC today, but that hasn’t stopped sneaky scam artists from announcing it on their behalf in an email scam of the highest order.

Despite Cupertino managing to not let slip so much as a pip regarding the fifth-generation handset’s existence, scammers have decided to take matters into their own hands by devising a devious email phishing scam intended to infect recipients’ systems with a lovely little Trojan virus.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant with security vendor Sophos has warned of an email from the address ‘’, which no doubt is a disguise to make it appear as coming from Apple, is being circulated on the interwebs.

The email reads: “Introducing the iPhone that lets you do more than ever. And do it amazingly faster.

“Launch and switch between applications quickly. Bigger display, transparent mode, better cloud integration. Shoot, edit, and share video like never before.”

G to the S

Sounds reasonable, right? If we weren’t so tech obsessed we might have even believed it, even if it was just for indulgence’s sake. But it’s when they decide to call it “iPhone 5G S the best iPhone yet”, that the whole scam falls apart. I guess an extra G and an S is all it takes to make things sound more credible these days, eh?

According to Cluley, the email contains a link to a malicious executable file called iphone5.gif.exe, which is in fact a Trojan horse virus and therefore should not be opened under any circumstances.

Although it’s worth nothing that the executable only works on Windows systems so Mac users are unaffected. How’s that for irony?



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