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  5. Apple iPhone 4 drops 13,500 feet and still makes calls

Apple iPhone 4 drops 13,500 feet and still makes calls

Apple iPhone 4 drops 13,500 feet and still makes calls

An iPhone 4 that plummeted 13,500 feet from a skydiver’s pocket came away with just a shattered screen and still managed to function.

Jarrod McKinney, a 37-year-old skydiver from Minnesota, said the iPhone fell out after he forgot to secure it properly before diving out, admitting that he was too excited to “get out the door”.

He said: "I just knew it was gone. Falling from that height? [What are] the chances of you finding something like that or even knowing where to look?"

After landing safely, McKinney used a GPS tracking application to locate the device on top of a building half a mile away. When skydiving instructor Joe Johnson, observing the search with friends, rang the phone, it vibrated, much to everyone’s amusement.

"It goes to show you if I crash land and need an ambulance, they can still track me down with the GPS," Johnson said, who now plans to get an iPhone as his next phone.

The irony of a damaged iPhone 4 working better than those in pristine condition that caused the infamous ‘antennagate’ disaster last year was not lost on Mike Gikas, an editor at Consumer Reports, a non-profit organisation that tests consumer devices for reliability.

"That's the proved method for fixing the antenna problem," he joked.

Although McKinney’s phone can both receive and make calls, it can only do so with a Bluetooth remote because the screen is too badly damaged to operate. However, he said he plans to have it fixed and continue using it.

Source: CNN via Apple Insider

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