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August iPhone 5 launch hinted by job advert

August iPhone 5 launch hinted by job advert

An online job advert from recruitment firm Reed has pointed to a potential launch of Apple’s fifth generation iPhone as early as next month.

Posted by a company named Gekko Ltd on behalf of Cupertino, the advert seeks applicants to fill the position of ‘Apple iPhone Sales Specialist’ in its various stores in Aberdeen, Manchester, London and Portsmouth.

It states: “Our client, Apple, one of the largest consumer electronic hardware and software companies in the world are seeking full-time iPhone Sales Staff for an exciting project to work 5 days a week (Tuesday-Saturday) for the period 16th August - 29th October within key retail stores.”

The rumour mill has been in full throttle lately with speculation rife that Apple may have delayed the iPhone 5’s launch until at least August or September.

The reason for delay has been primarily pinned on supply and labour shortages in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake disaster. Though it’s just as likely Apple is taking its time to avoid a repeat of the antennagate disaster that followed the launch of the iPhone 4.

Now it would seem that the wait for the hotly anticipated kit may be over sooner than we anticipated - that is, if said advert is anything to go by - not only due to the specific timing of the role, but also for the fact that it is only for five days, which suggest that Apple needs all hands on deck for a major product launch.

Source: Reed via MacWorld

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