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  5. iPhone 4 prototype up for grabs on eBay

iPhone 4 prototype up for grabs on eBay

iPhone 4 prototype up for grabs on eBay

Tech geeks and handset collectors are being offered the chance to grab themselves a bona-fide slice of telecoms history, with the news that a prototype version of the iPhone 4 is on sale on now eBay.

The smartphone is currently on offer on the auction site for a wallet-crushing $999,999.01 – equating to around £6,250 in the Queen’s money - with seven days of bidding time left.

For that outlay, you’re getting a device that bears the hallmark line of "X’s" that confirms you’re in the presence of a genuine prototype from the House of Cupertino.

iphone 4 prototype new

Also present and correct is a series of numbers etched into the rear of the phone that, according to received wisdom at least, identifies the handset as property of a specific Apple employee.

However, in a clear case of caveat emptor, don’t expect to use it to make calls. The seller makes very clear that his lot “does not function as intended and is not fully operational”. If were in waggish mood, we could point out is true of antennagate-afflicted factory models too.

Even so, we still think this could be an investment to be reckoned with. Especially if last year’s Apple 1 auction is anything to go by. That netted a life-changing £130,000 for the owner, who’d paid a paltry £666 for it back in 1976.



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