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iPhone TubeTap app helps claim refunds

iPhone TubeTap app helps claim refunds

A new iPhone app has landed to help Londoners claim refunds they’re owed for delayed Tube journeys.

Check out the app in action in the clip below

Under the Tube operator Transport for London’s customer charter, travellers are entitled to a full refund on their journey in the event that they are delayed by 15 minutes or more by circumstances deemed to be within the company’s control.

However, despite the fact that millions of journeys fit into this category, few Londoners bother to claim what they’re owed. This is partly down to inertia and partly to the bureaucracy involved, which entails filling out a lengthy form.

Available to download now for 69p, TubeTap remedies this by timing users’ journeys on a stopwatch and comparing them to the time TfL calculates it should take. The app, which you activate with a single screen press, then provides a claim form that you can send to get your money back.

So far so familiar, right? If you’ve used other apps, such as TubeRefund, with similar functionality, that is.


However, TubeTap has a real USP. Unlike its forbears, which require you to input details in the form each time, it automatically generates a claim form and fills in it for you with details you initially submitted as well as those of your latest delayed trip across town.

Another button press is all that’s required to mail the refund request to TfL. And providing they okay it, you’ll be sent a voucher for the value of the journey in the post. Simples, eh?

Mia Bennett, head of the developers behind TubeTap Turned on Digital, said:“Using mobile technology and open data like this has allowed us to build a quality product that we believe will be a game changer for commuters.”

As oft-delayed Londoners, we’re always in favour of anything that makes life difficult for the heavily unionised, inefficient behemoth that is TfL. And with unclaimed refunds on London rail travel networks estimated to be running at £32 million per year, this is more welcome than a letter of resignation from Bob Crowe.

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