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  5. Apple iPhone topples Nokia in Q2 smartphone sales

Apple iPhone topples Nokia in Q2 smartphone sales

Apple iPhone topples Nokia in Q2 smartphone sales

Apple has dethroned Nokia at the smartphone summit with more units of its handsets sold in the second quarter than any other manufacturer, research firm IDC has revealed.

Cupertino cruised to pole position in IDC’s mobile phone tracker with Q2 sales of 20.3 million iPhones worldwide, relegating Nokia, which managed 16.7 million, to third place.

Samsung, which came second, was still the biggest winner with 17.3 million handsets shifted, representing a staggering 380.6 per cent increase from the same period last year. This was chiefly fuelled by the Android powered Galaxy S, which sold in excess of ten million units to date.

Commenting on Samsung’s phenomenal rise to fame, IDC said: "What originally began as a series of high-end smartphones has proliferated well into the mass-market, but has not strayed too far from its high-end roots.

"Moreover, its steady cadence of device releases and updates has kept Samsung's smartphones well out in front of the competition."

While Samsung reinvented itself as a genuine player in the market, Nokia saw its quarterly figures dip below 20 million units for the first time since 2009.

"Even as the company released new smartphones running on Symbian3, demand for its products running on the aged Symbian platform has shifted to other devices," said IDC.

With Apple gearing up for the launch of its fifth-generation iPhone, Espoo’s only hope of regaining its place at the top now lies largely with the performance of its first handsets running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, scheduled to drop later this year.

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