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  5. iPhone 5 design illustrated in latest mockups

iPhone 5 design illustrated in latest mockups

iPhone 5 design illustrated in latest mockups

No, we haven’t been hanging around in California bars. But courtesy of the latest, and actually kinda brilliant, mockups, we have an inkling as to what the iPhone 5 might look like.

Commissioned by the tech mavens at Macrumors, CiccareseDesign's renders are based on last month’s leaked case designs purportedly intended for Apple’s next-gen phone. And frankly we've been drooling ever since we first clocked them.

Taking cues from leaks and rumours in recent months on potential design changes inbound, the mockups reveal a handset with an edge-to-edge screen, rounder corners and tapered aluminium back reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 5 mockup front & back

The home button is still present and correct, despite reports that Apple may dispense with it to create more room for a larger screen. Although the mock-ups don’t explicitly show it, the folk at Macrumors believe Apple may introduce a gesture area for multitasking much like that on the Palm Pre.

In terms of dimensions, the handset is a tiny bit shorter than the iPhone 4, but also slightly wider and thinner. The screen ratio has been kept the same.

We don’t put much stock on mock-ups, which often tend to be more ambitious than practical. Still, we can’t help but feel excited by the prospect of a kit that looks even half as cool as this one.

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