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  5. iPhone 5 'not due until March 2012,' say sources

iPhone 5 'not due until March 2012,' say sources

iPhone 5 'not due until March 2012,' say sources

Apple is set to dash the hopes of millions of would-be iPhone 5 buyers by delaying the much-anticipated handset until March next year, a report suggests.

The fifth-gen Apple smartphone was originally expected to land in June. Latterly, supply chain heat has suggested that a September or October release is now most likely.

Not so, according to TechEye. Citing unnamed channel partners, the site claims that the ”components downturn and other economic factors” have prompted the Cupertino based company to delay the iPhone 5 until March.

iphone nano 2

It’s not all bad news, though. Apparently, October 1st will see the unveiling of the much-talked about, lesser-spotted cheaper Apple phone, informally dubbed the iPhone Nano by tech watchers.

Rumours that Apple would cut the entry price for its smartphones with a lower-spec model have been circling for months now. However, strong sales for lower-end Android kits, which has driven the platform’s march to the number one position in the US by market share, has given the speculation fresh impetus of late.

Today, Applenapps reported that, as a cost-cutting measure the handset will minimise flash storage and rely instead on capacity in the Cloud. Previously, it has been claimed that Apple will simply recycle old parts from the iPhone 4 to make the phone viable.


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