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  5. iPhone 5 video leak: fake, but what a fake

iPhone 5 video leak: fake, but what a fake

iPhone 5 video leak: fake, but what a fake

A video purporting to show Apple’s iPhone 5 product pages has cropped up online, prompting derision and admiration in equal measures from tech watchers.

The clip, which has since been revealed to be a fake, features a super slim handset that we’ve got to admit looks genuinely eye-catching, with rounded edges that’ll be very familiar to iPhone 3GS owners.

Also present and correct is the four-inch screen that is widely expected to feature on the fifth-gen Apple phone and an eight-megapixel camera.

Check out the clip for yourself below

Alas, any hopes that what we’re looking at is the real deal have been dashed by a series of schoolboy errors on the part of the faker, who somewhat impressively went to the trouble of creating a whole faux website to hoodwink us.

Tell-tale signs that skulduggery is afoot include the fact that under close inspection the URL in the video’s first frame reveal that the ‘web’ pages are actually stored on the prankster’s computer and not Apple’s site.

And further raining on our parade is that some of the images aren’t anything like as crisp and clear as you’d expect from the marketing mavens at Apple, especially in the gallery section.

The good news is that all being well we won’t have to wait too long to find out what the phone-maker has in store for us, with mounting supply-chain heat suggesting the curtain will be raised on the next-gen iPhone in early/mid-September.

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