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  5. iPhone RC helicopter on offer for cut price

iPhone RC helicopter on offer for cut price

iPhone RC helicopter on offer for cut price

The cool-but-costly RC Drone iDevice controlled helicopter got a rival today in the form of the iHelicopter, which offers much the same kind of RC fun for a fraction of the price.

Check out iHelicopter in action in the clip below

Like the RC Drone, iHelicopter’s flight is controlled by users’ movements on their iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone. However, unlike the former which sports a price tag that won't give you much change from £300, this take on iFlight is priced just $40 in the US. That's about £25 in the Queen's money.


For that, you don’t get the augmented reality games that feature on RC Drone. Nor do you get the camera that offers you a pilot’s eye view of your swoop attacks on neighbourhood pets.

But considering that your outlay is about a tenth of the RC Drone's price, we think the iHelicopter is still pretty damn good value. And extra points are awarded by our panel for the fact that it’s battery-free and can be charged via USB, saving you on penlights.

Right now, the iHelicopter is US-only and is available solely from online retailer But we’ve been in touch with some leading UK gadget sites to see if they’ve got plans to sell it. Naturally, we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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